If I lose myself tonight, it’ll be by your side.

- What'll you be when you grow up?
- A tyrant!
- A tyrant? Your people subjugated?
- Totally! With a harem, slaves, and torture every Thursday!
- Cool!
- And you?
- Well, I... No, it's too dumb.
- Tell me!
- You won't like it.
- I told you! Tell me!
- I'd like to be a cream puff. A cream puff with apricots, or even a plain one. Lukewarm at the bakery. In the window.
- Of course! What else! A cream puff is a cream puff!
- A cream puff... Yeah, of course, a cream puff! That's brilliant!

Julien & Sophie, Love Me If You Dare

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Jonghyun’s reactions to SJ and SHINee’s Gee~


so super junior and shinee performed snsd’s gee


jjong was like enjoying himself~


he even danced to gee too~


then he saw minho


this was his reaction lmao


he even did this lmao jjong was it hot 


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연하남 BTS | when minho is finally asked to sing, he stares blankly at his hyungs and bursts into dance.

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